Purchase and sales intermediary

Looking for a specific truck or tool? Contact us! We have a far-reaching network and we know from experience that we can build on it, as not everything can be found on the internet. We will gladly help and assist you. No need to look further for purchase and sales intermediation.


With our competitive prices and extensive experience we can offer you a total care service, including all the steps from the purchase to the transport to the desired location. Get in touch with us for more information.


We can arrange the transport to the harbour of your choice or to other locations within Europe. We are doing this in cooperation with a select group of competent carriers, whose trustworthiness allows us to always meet our obligations.

Documents for customs clearance and certificates

Export document (EX-A)

If you want to export a vehicle to a country outside the EU, you do not need to pay VAT on your invoice total. However, in this case, you need an exemption document that has to be stamped by Customs when the vehicle leaves the EU.

Temporary/transit number plate

Dutch transit number plate

Validity: 14 days
Only for Dutch vehicles with MOT/APK
Price: € 100,-

Austrian number plates for lorries, utility vehicles or cars

Validity: 21 days
MOT/APK not required
Price € 500,- for 21 days

Austrian number plates for trailers

Validity: 21 days
MOT/APK not required
Price: € 385,-
We are a RDW-certified company (RDW=Netherlands Vehicle Authority). Motor vehicle registration, guarantee or export are fixed in no time. We will also provide you with the documents required for your administration, insurance or for Customs.

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